Redefining life in Ubud

Redefining life in Ubud

Have you ever seen the movie Eat, pray, love?
If you did, I bet that you dreamed of finding yourself in the same situation at a certain point in your life.

I found this movie very inspiring and Bali was always a destination that I dreamed about but knew nothing about, just the fact that maybe I would get there for my honeymoon.
After I saw Julia Robert’s movie, I feel in love even more with the idea of traveling and finding myself because up until this point I don’t know what to do with my life. Maybe this was the starting point for me and my travels goals 🙂
I started traveling more and more even too far away destinations that would bring me a new perspective on life and experiences.
So when I came up with the chance to see Bali, I was instantly amazed, but unfortunately or not, this destination caught me in the wrong moment of my life.
I was pretty depressed and I haven’t been to a real exotic destination for more than a year. Also, after I bought my tickets to Bali, I was more worried about the money, the diseases and everything else than the fact that I needed to check some points that I really wanted to see when visiting Bali such as Ketut place 🙂

But maybe this wasn’t s bad at all….

My very first destination when I arrived in Bali was Ubud. I arrived late in the night and everything was a bit lonely.
The next morning, I was astonished!
It was my first real view of Bali, of Ubud. I stayed in a beautiful homestay that was a temple that has several buildings and accommodates several families.
This was just the very begging 🙂

Arjuna Homestay

When I came it was dark and there were no people on the streets, but the next day Ubud was crowded. We started our day with a short walk to the Monkey Forest where it was the hottest I have ever felt! But we had a lot of fun with the monkeys, fed them bananas and watched the have fun in their bathing time.
On our way back to the center we stopped for a beer at a beautiful secluded terrace looking over the rice fields. That was my first moment of amazement and understanding off what Ubud is.
We couldn’t leave that terrace because it was so nice so it was getting late for our planned walk through the rice field walk and it looked like it was about to rain, so we stopped for a quick massage.
We had our massage while listening to the rain pour and feeling hot because the weather doesn’t change very much even when it rains and the massage salon has only 2 walls and the rest of the place was in open air.

Terrace with a rive view
When we finished, of course, it was almost dark because in Bali the night comes around 6PM. SO we just settled for a walk at the beginning of the rice field walk and we also managed to get to see Ketut’s place that also offers accommodation and massage (the next time that will be the place in which I will stay!). If I had done my homework better, I could have stayed over there in the first place and had my dream achieved.


In the evening we went to eat at a local restaurant (warung) right across from our homestay that had exquisite Indonesian food and the best prices!
Ubud is full of nice bars and restaurants, the food is amazing and you can find also some restaurants that offer live music. There are so many options and beautiful locations!
We went for drinks at a bar near our homestay that had a street view at the begging of the rice walk and we planned to go on it early in the morning since at 12 PM the next day we had to get to Canguu.

Warung meal

Warung meal


At 7AM we headed out to the rice field walk.
It starts right in the center of Ubud n a paved path with people name’s that visited Bali and it takes you to the back of the houses were a big rice field open and you walk around it on a small road.
On the road, you will meet a lot of vendors, artist, restaurants, and hotels. The whole area is beautiful, it is not secluded as I imagined but it is extremely quiet although there are villas or restaurants.
People attend their job on collecting rice from the field since the break of dawn because weather tends to get quite hot after 10 AM, but that day it was a bit cloudy and it even started to rain when we almost finished the walk.
Images do more than word can describe:












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