How can I travel on a budget?

Travelling nowadays still seems something “hard to get” or something spectacular.
Don’t get me wrong, it is spectacular to get the chance to see the world, but it is not that impossible anymore.


Koko Loko
Koko Loko


In recent years I’ve been to several countries and people always asked me how come I always get to be on vacation or how do I manage to have so much money that I am always somewhere else!
I’m not a millionaire, I work a job from 9 to 5, I even have courses after work and I splurge on clothes 🙂
But having all of this in consideration, I still manage to make a big vacation once a year to an exotic place and the rest of the time I go on city breaks or anywhere in Romania.
With all of this vacation going on, I still manage to pay for my utilities and keep my job :))
How do I do it?


Muse Hotel

First of all, I’m not a magician, nor a billionaire like I said.
I just invest my time and my money into things that money CAN buy: TRAVELS.
The only thing that money can’t buy is time and traveling give you the time of your life!

Secondly, I always try to save some money for my future travels and I constantly look for promotions that big airlines have from time to time.
My Facebook is full of notifications from airlines like Alitalia, Air France, Qatar, Emirates, Air Asia, Lufthansa, KML or from different websites that post these promotions: Tedoo, Travelator, Lipa Lipa, Travel Girls and many others.
I have a lot of destinations that I want to see, but sometimes I am stolen by different promotions that appear 🙂, For example, this year I wanted to go to Puerto Rico or Madagascar, but in February there were no promotions on these destinations, but others such as Borneo and Langkawi appeared.
I didn’t want to miss the chance to see such a remote destination like Borneo so I forgot all about my “to do list” and bought the tickets :)) Of course, the destinations that I wanted initially came to have a good discount somewhere in July 🙂
So, if you have patience, you can wait for the promotions because they will surely be at some point 🙂


Meet me

After I bought the tickets, my next step is to find more about the location I am visiting: where to stay, what to see, transportation, good and bad parts, safe & fun zones and many other aspects.
By this time I will make a clear image about where I need to stay (one place or 2-3). After having an idea about the zones in which I can stay, I’ll try to find some good accommodation: clean, budget-wise and in the center.
You may think that this are too many conditions in order to find an accommodation that is also cheap and in the center, but I assure you it’s not if you have the patience to search info about them, such as reviews, map positioning, and photos.
I always had great accommodation wherever I stayed and that helped me out a lot because it saves me a time when visiting.

Having the accommodation set, I will look for means of transportation and what to see so that I can arrange my program for the days that I staying there.
It is good to make your program before you get there so that you have a clear schedule regarding what you need to see and what days you have free for beaching for example.

For other cityscapes, I usually stalk Ryanair, Wizz Air or any other low-cost airline, that can have promotions starting from 5EUROS one way. In this way, you can see a lot of new cities each year.
If you do a plan, you can always buy a ticket from Saturday to Monday and see Athens for example, or even Milan + Warsaw combined.
You can manage to see this way over 20 cities in a short time and with no extra days from work 🙂


Zhoushan Island

I just returned from Borneo & Bali where I spend around 360$ for 2 weeks. Not too bad, no?
I managed to this by buying the airline tickets for Borneo in February (when the promotion was on), in July I bought the second round of the tickets for Bali, made up my mind for the accommodation somewhere around September, I travel only with hand luggage (the same luggage has to be accepted also by a low-cost airline like Air Asia) and I usually don’t buy stuff from where I go (only fridge magnets at the end maybe).
I splurge on eating out in order to discover the local cuisine and on drinking (both in Borneo and Bali the alcohol is quite expensive because they are Muslim countries, but still I managed to spend less than 400$ ha!).
The most expensive part of our vacation was the transport in Bali because we had to get a driver from the airport to Ubud and from Ubud to Canggu. But in Borneo, we didn’t need any transport or we took the bus and in Canggu we rented a scooter fro 5$/day and saw Seminyak, Kuta and basically everything around.
Apart from all that, both islands are cheap and loads of fun! So be sure to get there ASAP 🙂

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