Cyprus in the summer

Cyprus in the summer

Cyprus is the closest location to Romania that can be similar to Ibiza.
It’s hot, it’s fun and it’s closer than Ibiza.


Is was twice in Cyprus, the first time in Limassol and the second time in Ayia Napa.
In Limassol, you can find a lot of resorts and it is more secluded than the famous Ayia Napa and its huge parties that last all night.
In the first case, I was with the family and in the second one, with the girls 🙂
I really love Cyprus for its sunny weather and gorgeous blue waters with gold sands. There are a lot of nice beaches in Cyprus and my strong recommendation is to rent a car so that you can move around the island and see all of the nice beaches, restaurants, and sceneries that it has to offer.

Cipru beach

In my last trip to Cyprus, we stayed in a wonderful apartment rented with Airbnb and it was perfectly positioned and could fit us all (8 crazy girls and one kid). We rented two cars and we basically moved from one beach to another every day, but the best beach that we tried was Fig Tree Beach and we loved it for its wonderful crystal clear waters and its surroundings – restaurants, and terraces.
Two days of our stay we went to Ayia Napa beach for its music on the beach atmosphere and crazy good cocktails that we enjoyed. The beach is pretty wide and nice and there are a lot of options for eating and drinking.

For the night time, we romped the city in the Ayia Napa where you can find a generous offer for bars, restaurants, and club, but it is usually very loud so I wouldn’t recommend you to stay there.
Nightlife is very colorful and you have a wide range of clubs to choose from. We went to an open-air club where we could also stay outside for drinks with the kid that was with us.

Girls just wanna have fun in Cyprus

I will probably go even the 3rd time in Cyprus because I still have a lot of things to see on the island and the food is excellent. The island is divided into two parts – the Greek one and the Turkish one, but you need a passport to go from one part to the next and there is an ex-war zone between the two areas that is in military defense because of the different political pints of view of the parts.
There are a lot of deserted hotels in the area, but at the border of each part, you can see the cultures blending and the foods mixing their aromas and textures <3

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