Who am I?

I am a young woman from Romania who’s the biggest goal in life is to be happy.
Do you know about Romania, have you visited it? If not let me tell you about it: it is a former communist country in the east European Union with the Bulgarians and the Hungarians as its neighbors. 29 years after breaking out of the communist era, Romania is full of young people, like me, wanting to grow and explore the world.
Being in UE allows me to travel quickly and cheaply around Europe, but I want to see the whole world.
Growing up in Romania gave my parents the chance to show me most of Europe starting from when I was little because we just got out of the communist regime, it was possible to travel more and our economy was rising. By the age of 22, I visited Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, UK, China, USA.
Soon after I finished my studies I got a job and felt the need to travel even more, but because of my 9 to 5 job and limited holiday days, I wanted that my travels to be even further and longer.
So this was when it all started: I got into searching cheap flights to remote locations or at least as far as I can go on a budget, I learned how to choose my accommodation (where, for how many days, what types etc) and how to plan my trip (what to see, when to see etc) before as I can get the best of it.
I do love luxury and I do love simple. I always put in balance what I pay and what I get.
I prefer to use my money to see the world and have more possibilities and I usually choose accommodation that is near, cheap, clean and safe. That’s all I need: the best deal.

What made me start this blog?

Since as I am a traveler, I am in a continuous search for the most amazing locations, for the coziest accommodation, the bluest waters, the most pristine beaches and the farthest destinations I can reach in a budget. Also, I like to be the one that discovers places that are not so popular within my country as a holiday destination (Borneo for example).
Searching for information about Borneo, made me start this blog because the internet was lacking it!
I searched everywhere, but the amount of information about it is very poor. If I would have found out some more information, I could have organized my trip much better and make even more out of it!
I usually walk around 30 km/day when I am visiting a new place because I like to explore and I fear that I will miss out on something if I don’t explore everything I can haha.
I am a very analytical person and very organized so I will do my best to contribute to helping you find each information you are searching for a place that I have been to.
Since I am a convinced foodie, my recommendations will also include a lot of good restaurants, some expensive, some offering the best food for the money you pay.

So far my work has been featured in Travelicious Australia and in prinlume.com.

I will try to show you that you too can do it and that it will bring more satisfaction to your soul than you could have ever imagined! In the meantime, I’ll run this by you: TRAVEL ON A BUDGET.

Welcome to my journey!


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