A week in Sicilia

A week in Sicilia

Our trip to #sicilly was all about FOOD ❤
We love #italian food, but we came to Sicilia to search for the best #canollo that exists.
We packed our bags, got into our lovely #fiat and started the 900km journey across the island, looking for the creamiest ricotta a cannolo can have 🙂

We came prepared and we had a list of 7 places where we could find the best cannoli in Sicilia and we tried them all.
But of course, only was indisputably rich in taste and every bite was unforgettable. By far it was the best cannoli we could have ever tasted and we found it in the most beautiful and romantic village we could ever dream of.

Scicli is the town that has the best cannolo in the whole world!

scicli 2017 2
Nivera is the place that serves it and the whole experience is life changing, I swear! They fill up the cannolo as you order it and they serve it to you in a cute little posh box wrapped with a golden ribbon.

scicli 2017 1


And all of this happens in a small town in Sicily, not in the capital or a bigger town.
Although it is a UNESCO heritage town, Scicli doesn’t get as many tourists as Palermo or Catania does, but still, it is impossible to compare it to others.
My Italian experience was complete when I got there because I got the chance to admire old buildings, paved old streets that were in a good condition, a lot of very old churches, people that dressed up in the evening and get out for a dinner and a drink at a terrace, the old people that gathered up at the main fountain or park in the village to chat and the incredible buzz that such a small village can have.
In Scicli I also had the best meals, mostly seafood. By far it was the best quality/price report and we ate at one of the fanciest restaurants in town called Baqqala.
There are a few restaurants in Scicli, but each one has a very nice menu you can choose from.

Nivera cannolo


Red tuna hamburger

We stayed for 2 nights in Scicli and honestly, it wasn’t enough. The vibe of this posh little village is perfect Italian.
Take also in count the fact that 7 km down south is the sea where you can go to the beach in Donnalucata village that is full of nice restaurants as also along the coastline and very quiet, but modern.
We had the chance to experience Scicli on its most important celebration of the year – Saint Mary and it was astounding because we never thought that such a little town could be so full of life. Everyone was well dressed, attended the church celebration until 7 PM and then they get out in town to enjoy a good dinner, a movie, a chat, a walk or just being together. In this small town, you can see the true relationships between people and Scicli is an excellent example of how Italians do it better. They celebrated the end of the holiday with the most spectacular firework show I have ever seen!!!!

Baqqala cannolo

Scicli 3

Luckily, we stayed also the following night we got the chance to see that the atmosphere is pretty much the same, the day is pretty busy and the village is full of people and by night they all get together at restaurants and terraces for wine and food.
Scicli is a baroque town, filled with old building from the 14th century and further, but very well conserved and it is an absolute pleasure to walk every corner in the beautiful town.
We will surely come back soon because we would love a summer vacation in Scicli and some beach time in Donnalucata and we still have a lot of nice places to explore in Scicli and also to see Marsala and Taormina 🙂



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